THE JOURNEY™ is a simple, in-depth step-by-step process to activate your own healing power within you, thus allowing you to resolve blocked patterns within your body and mind.

This methodology is a stunningly simple, internal process to transform your life on a physical, emotional and mental level. In your process, you can identify any barriers, dissolve and release them and become free to live your life from a place of presence.
In biochemistry it has been shown that our cells save emotional memories and that these memories have an  impact. When a strong, emotional incident or situation occurs, the cells shut down and become isolated. They then develop an unhealthy life of their own, which can lead to physical and/or emotional reactions and discomfort.

THE JOURNEY™ evolves consciousness on the deepest level by directly releasing cell memories stored in your body. These memories will be set free, forgiveness naturally occurs and the cells are then free to follow their healthy and original function within the body.

The processes with THE JOURNEY are profound, holistic and sustainable.

If you would like to read about THE JOURNEY before you have a session with a Journey Practitioner, which we recommend, we suggest that you buy the book: “THE JOURNEY – A Practical Guide to Healing your Life and Setting Yourself Free” by Brandon Bays. Can be ordered here.


Brandon Bays has been a pioneer in the field of health and healing for many years. When she discovered a growing tumour in her body in the early 90s, despite leading a very natural and holistic life, she understood that something deeper was occurring. This propelled her on a healing path and thus began her inner journey in order to heal the wounds of her soul. From this personal healing experience THE JOURNEY was founded.

Today Brandon Bays teaches this method worldwide, together with her husband, Kevin Billett. See more: www.thejourney.com.